Company formation for corporate shareholders


Minimum requirements

The minimum opening share capital for a private limited company (S.L.) is 3,000 Euros. Your bank will issue you with a Certificate of Deposit (Certificado de Ingreso) of this capital, which is necessary for the constitution to take place.

For non-resident companies wishing to set up a subsidiary here, it is necessary to supply a document produced by the company registry in the country of incorporation. This document should state the registered address of the company, and the names of its shareholders and directors. It should the be legalised (with the Hague Apostille) before sending to us.

The document also needs to be translated into Spanish; we can provide a sworn English-Spanish translation service at this end for a reasonable charge.

In addition, at least one of the company directors must apply for a foreigners' ID number (NIE). This can be obtained either at the Spanish embassy/ consul in your country or at any local police office in Spain. As the NIE can take some time to issue, we advise the client to apply at the very beginning.


Signing at the Notary's Office

If one or more parties cannot be present in Spain for the proceedings, and wish to sign Power of Attorney over to us to complete the signing, we will prepare the necessary documents to be signed in front of a Notary in your country. Our extra charge for this is in the region of 150 Euros plus VAT.

The Notary’s signing will take place at our contact Notary in Barcelona, and can usually be arranged within seven days once the company formation documents have been pepared.


Registered Office

It is a legal requirement for your company to have a registered address in Spain. If you do not have a physical presence in Spain then it is acceptable to use the services of a business centre/ virtual office address for this purpose.


Our charges

Our charge for the formation of a Sociedad Limitada with non-resident corporate shareholders is € 1,000 plus VAT.

This includes the following:

  • Notary fees and Mercantile Registry charges;
  • Registering your company with the Tax Office;
  • Obtaining a tax code (CIF) for your company;


First steps

In order to commence the company formation process, you should provide us with the following:

  • A list of three alternative company names, starting with your first choice;
  • A payment on account of 300 Euros, payable by bank transfer.

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