Starting a small business in Spain: Registering as an "Autónomo"

If you are living in Spain and wish to start your own unincorporated business here, you need to register as self employed (autónomo) for income tax and Social Security.


Registering at the Tax Office (Agencia Tributaria)

You may already be registered for tax (for instance if have already purchased and sold a property here). Please tell us your NIE number and we will check if you are on the Tax Office’s database.

If you are, we can proceed to register your autónomo business for tax online without the need for further documentation. If this is not the case, we will prepare the registration form (Modelo 030) for you to present at your local Tax Office along with the following documents:

NIE, Passport and Certificado de Empadronamiento (to be obtained from your local Ayuntamiento - Town Hall).

Our charge for preparation of this form is 40 Euros + VAT.


Registering your autónomo business for tax

This can be done by presenting a form (Modelo 037) in person at the Tax Office, or online if you have an electronic certificate. We present all of our clients' returns online with our accountant's electronic certificate.

Our charge to submit your autonomo tax registration online is 80 Euros + VAT.


Social Security registration

We can prepare your registration forms for you to present in person at your local Social Security office. Our current charge is 90 Euros + VAT.


Social Security contributions

The general minimum contribution is around 250 Euros per month.

However incentives have been recently introduced for newly registered autonomos, under which the monthly contribution is reduced to 53 Euros per month on commencement, increasing to 184 Euros in months 12-18.

After registration, the Social Security Office will charge the payments automatically to your bank account each month.


What happens after registration?

Once you are registered, you or your accountant must submit quarterly income tax returns and payments on account. If you are supplying goods or services which are subject to VAT (called IVA in Spain), it is also necessary to file quarterly and annual returns.

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